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Kittens available!

The kittens of Tiitu and Kille were born on the 31st of October 2003. All the three kittens are males.

"Kille", EC Guttatus Silver Act of God "Tiitu", GIC Guttatus Third Time Lucky

The colours of the kittens:
- 1 ebonysilver spotted, OCI ns 24
- 1 bluesilver spotted, OCI as 24
- 1 chocolatesilver spotted, OCI bs 24

We have also kittens avaiable in TopSpot cattery. More information here.

The pedigree of the kittens here.

The kittens are 5 days old in the picture below.

Click to photo to get a bigger one.

Below photos of two week old kittens.
Daddy came to check sons at the age of three week. The responsibility is hard...
Hey boys, that must be dad. Look, how big he is!
More photos of the three week old kittens.
Hmm, I could lick these little things more. They taste like kitties.
Hey little boys, please go away. Go have some milk, or somthing. I've had it.
7 week old musceteers